What Is Luxury Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

When it comes to choosing a rehabilitation program for a drug or alcohol addiction, there are many different types of programs to choose from. Some take you out into the wilderness where you learn survival skills, others place you in dorm-style living, while others have the amenities of a 5-star resort. These resort-style rehabilitation centers are a luxury treatment option for addiction, where someone can receive a medically supervised detox, around the clock care, and an individualized care plan while enjoying top-tier comfort. These luxury rehabs generally cost much more than a standard treatment center and appeal to those who live a more affluent lifestyle than the general population.

What Is Luxury Treatment Like?

The levels of luxury drug and alcohol treatment vary, but they will all likely include comfortable and usually private rooms, an upscale facility, meals prepared by a chef, private therapy, and benefits such as massage therapy, a fitness studio, and pools. Animal-assisted therapy is a common trend seen in luxury treatment centers, such as equine-assisted therapy. Using horses in therapy can with help emotional regulation and personal responsibility. Dolphin-assisted therapy is another benefit of attending a luxury treatment center, where the center may be located near water that has wild dolphins or they keep dolphins in captivity close to the center so that patients may interact with the intelligent sea-mammals. Ocean, lake, and mountain views are common at luxury centers.

Featured Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

Some upscale centers are housed in mansions, while others such as The Sanctuary in Byron Bay, Australia offers private penthouses to each guest. The Sanctuary also has a private farm to provide organic produce and a personal chef, butler, doctor, nurse, masseuse, psychologist, and sleep hygienist. Juice bars, meditation classes, media rooms, tennis courts, and personal trainers are some other trends seen at luxury treatment centers. It may sound as though these treatment centers are just a sober vacation for their attendees, but that is not the case. Treating the addiction is the main goal, and luxury treatment centers have their own plans on how to help their patients maintain sobriety.

The first step in treatment is going through detoxification of alcohol or whichever drug a person is addicted to. When you use drugs or alcohol in large amounts and for an extended period of time, the body goes through withdrawal when it stops receiving the drugs it is used to. Some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, such as seizures and hallucinations. In some cases, such as in a severe alcohol addiction, withdrawal can be deadly. However, while most of the time withdrawal is not life threatening, it is still very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Many treatment centers have medical staff to ease the discomfort by offering medications and making sure the detox is safe by monitoring vitals. Detox can take several days to a week.

Once detoxed from drugs and alcohol, a patient may begin treatment. Luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers provide an extremely comfortable atmosphere so patients can relax and focus on their recovery. One of the main appeals of luxury treatment is its focus on the individual. Patients can be provided with a therapist who is available 24/7, so that whenever they need someone to talk to, someone is there. These treatment centers also offer more flexibility and let patients decide what activities they want to participate in. In an interview with Vice, the chairman of Paracelsus Recovery, a luxury treatment center in Switzerland, said that “There’s no one-size-fits-all for successful addiction treatment.” Vice reported that the chairman, Jan Gerber, “believes his clients have a better chance than most, because of the firm’s policy of intense focus on the individual, a tactic that’s not financially viable in most rehabs.”

Privacy and confidentiality are very important at luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers. Some patients may be celebrities or high-profile professionals who are concerned that seeking treatment will negatively impact their business or reputation. Employees at luxury treatment centers likely must sign a confidentiality contract. In some scenarios, patients may be unaware of who the other patients are. High-profile professionals, like CEOs, may choose to attend executive rehab, where they can continue working while still getting treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

The price of luxury drug and alcohol rehab varies, but overall it will be more expensive than publicly-funded treatment centers because of all the extra amenities it offers. Five weeks at Paracelsus Recovery costs $413,856, but that number is on the high side for luxury treatment centers. The Sanctuary in Byron Bay costs $140,000 for its 4-week program, Cliffside Malibu costs about $78,000 for 1 month, and others are closer to $50,000 for 1 month. Depending on which insurance plan someone has, their insurance may cover some of their treatment, but it will likely not cover the entirety of a stay at a luxury treatment center. Luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers typically have less beds than other rehabs, furthering their exclusivity.

Should I Go To A Luxury Rehab?

Anyone can be impacted by a drug or alcohol addiction, regardless of their background. There is no shame in taking control of your life, admitting you have a problem, and seeking out help. Choosing a drug or alcohol rehab facility depends on each individual circumstance. Your insurance coverage, where you live, and whether you want to attend inpatient or outpatient rehab are all factors to consider. Contact a treatment provider to figure out which facilities are available. If comfort and flexibility are important factors, a luxury treatment center may be a good choice when starting your journey towards recovery.