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David Hampton

David Hampton

As a published author of two books, (After the Miracle: Illusions Along the Path To Restoration, and Our Authentic Selves: Reflections On What We Believe and What We Wish We Believed), co-host of a weekly podcast (The Positive Sobriety Podcast), a regular contributor to blogs and articles for a variety of recovery and treatment websites and publications, and a Certified Professional Recovery Coach in private practice in the Greater Nashville, TN area, David Hampton is immersed in the world of helping those with a variety of unwanted behaviors and disorders. David is also one of the executive producers of the upcoming documentary film, Shame On Us which tackles the subject of stigma and substance use disorder in our culture.

As a man with his own story of recovery and restoration David is uniquely positioned to walk with both those who suffer and the loved ones who support them. David has done additional training around addiction and trauma, the brain, as well as addiction and family dynamics. He has also studied the benefits of Music Therapy and its usefulness in addiction recovery.

As a member of the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), David works closely with area treatment centers, recovery orientated nonprofit organizations, as well as being a keynote speaker for various recovery-focused events.

David makes his home in the downtown Franklin, TN area and enjoys many opportunities to involve himself in the local Greater Nashville area recovery community.

Posts by David Hampton

Video Games And Young Adult Depression

David Hampton ❘

More young adults are presenting with symptoms of video game addiction. However, there are ways family can assist in treatment.

Safe Haven: Harm-Reduction Care

David Hampton ❘

A Safe Haven approach focuses on providing those with substance use disorders help and safety rather than incarceration in order to minimize societal harms.

Learning To Take Life On Life’s Terms

David Hampton ❘

Those of us who have spent any time in recovery circles have heard the term, “Taking life on life’s terms.” But what does that really mean?

Surrender, Sanity, And Sacred Connection

David Hampton ❘

We have to allow people to feel what they already feel and know what they already know. This is the beginning of true surrender.

The Myth Of The Magic Meetings

David Hampton ❘

Programs that involve 12-Step meetings are nearly universally used in addiction recovery. However, these meetings are not a magic cure-all.

The Difference Between Identity And Identifying In Recovery

David Hampton ❘

Identity plays a significant role in both addiction and recovery. Learn more about the difference between identity and identifying in recovery.

Dangers Of The Negative Inner Narrative

David Hampton ❘

If you have a dangerous negative inner narrative, it could be holding you back from making the progress in recovery that you are seeking.

Recovery And The Price Of Change

David Hampton ❘

If you are truly committed to change, you have to pay a price of some kind. However, the many benefits of recovery are worth any price.

People In The Thresholds Of Recovery

David Hampton ❘

People in the thresholds of recovery are in liminal spaces between a life of addiction and a life of sobriety where we learn who we truly are.