Crack Cocaine Treatment and Rehab

No one will tell you that quitting is easy. But overcoming a crack addiction is worth the fight and more possible than ever with the development of new treatments.

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Recovering from an addiction to crack cocaine will be hard physically and psychologically, but professional help can make it easier to cope. One of the most powerful things you can do is develop the resolve to quit and let that resolve guide you through the coming pangs of recovery. There are also many resources to ensure your recovery sticks. If you’re suffering from an addiction to crack, get help today.

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Treatment Centers for Crack Addiction

People struggling with a crack addiction become used to being around people who either support or accept their addiction. Even those who want to make a full recovery and are able to overcome the biochemical part of the addiction need to make sure they are surrounded by people who can help them stay clean.

Finding a treatment center that specializes in treating crack addiction markedly improves the chances of a full recovery. Some treatment centers known for helping people break their grip on crack include:

Detox from Crack Cocaine

Detoxification is the first step toward recovery. When done in a controlled environment, it helps safely cleanse the drug from the user’s body. This helps them get through the difficult stage of depression that follows crack abuse.

One of the reasons crack addiction is so hard to overcome is the drastic “come-down” from the high.

Users need more crack to return from the low they experience every time the drug’s effects wear off. Because crack interferes with the brain reward system, these withdrawal symptoms can be particularly depressing. Completely removing crack from the equation means a longer, more difficult withdrawal.

Crack withdrawal is marked by intense cravings and psychological symptoms. These symptoms may last in varying intensity anywhere from several days to several weeks. How long these symptoms last depends on how often and for how long a person used crack. Those who used the drug in larger amounts over a longer period of time usually experience the worst withdrawal.

Common symptoms of crack withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety
  • Intense cravings
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Severe depression
  • Nightmares

Withdrawal from a crack addiction is undeniably hard. For these and many other reasons, relapse is a very real possibility. However, relapse does not mean failure. Recovery is a long road with a lot of bumps along the way.

Plenty of people have relapsed and come back from it, making a successful recovery.

Although there are currently no approved medications to treat crack addiction or withdrawal, there are therapies being tested to help with cravings and withdrawal. Buspirone, an anti-anxiety medication, has shown some success in curbing the symptoms of withdrawal in cocaine addicts. Neurostimulation of the areas in the brain responsible for cravings also shows potential for crack addiction treatment.

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    Inpatient Rehabilitation for Crack Addiction

    A stay in an inpatient rehab is one of the best ways to make a complete recovery from crack addiction. There are many rehabs with varying treatment plans, but most of them focus on behavioral therapy, support groups and a 12-step program. Many treatment centers also offer alternatives to the traditional 12-step program for those who request it. Rehab generally lasts between 30 and 90 days but may be longer for more serious cases of addiction.

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    Ongoing Recovery

    Recovering from a crack addiction can require intensive counseling. Learning how to adjust to life without crack can be a long process, but it is well worth the effort. Many effective programs also include vocational training to help a former addict reintegrate into society without needing to resort to selling drugs to get by.

    Having someone to talk to and support you can mean the difference between relapse and a life of being clean.

    There are many support groups that a recovering crack addict can get involved with. Establishing strong ties to the community or a group of people who won’t provide a temptation to use again can help you stay strong.

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    Help for Your Crack Addiction

    Overcoming a crack addiction is difficult but far from impossible. You deserve to live the best version of your life, a life that crack has no place in. There are many treatment centers across the country. We can help you find one that is the best fit for you, whether you need help finding a center near you or finding out how to pay for treatment. Get in touch with someone who can help you get and stay clean.

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