What Is Destination Rehab?

Traveling for rehab can offer many benefits to some, and it can allow someone the chance to heal in a beautiful and exotic setting. Attending rehab away from home allows the person to focus on their treatment and recovery by limiting distractions and creating separation from the source of their drugs and friends who abused substances with them.

Destination rehabs allow for the exploration of new scenery with new treatment methods, which can have a lasting impact on the overall recovery experience. Additionally, destination rehabs include highly sought out rehabs with unique or specific treatments unavailable elsewhere. For example, destination rehabs can offer treatment to specific groups of people like teens, faith-based groups, and specific demographics (e.g. LGBTQ+). Fortunately, traveling for treatment has several benefits. Treatment facilities can assist in making travel arrangements between work and family manageable.

Destination Rehab: Traveling Out Of State For Rehab

Destination rehabs can include highly sought out rehabs in other states. Florida has the reputation of being the rehab capital of the world; therefore, any patients entering from other states would consider this a destination rehab location. Additionally, California, New York, and Utah offers luxurious rehabs that get the attention of people from all over the nation and globally. The reasons one may choose to travel for rehab include but are not limited to:

  • Getting treatment privately.
  • Specialized treatment population (health practitioners, first responders, gender-specific etc.)
  • Healing in a new location.
  • Wanting to experience treatments unique to specific locations.
  • Insurance or price of treatment.
  • Preferring luxury facilities.
  • Wanting the best care, which can be out of town or international in nature.
  • Specialized treatment modalities.
  • The experience of traveling combined with taking action to seek treatment.

Feelings of the freedom of choice and the variety of being away can be an added incentive to leave one’s home. The lack of distractions one’s hometown may have offered are gone, and the patient can focus on themselves and their treatment. For example, familiar places like specific bars and other places of addiction are gone for the time being; friends who may be tempted to ask the patient to drink or partake in substance abuse are now at a distance. Some national and international destination facilities offer financial plans that can assist those wanting treatment at that location.

Featured Destination Rehab Centers

Destination Rehab: Traveling Out Of The Country For Rehab

Individuals seeking care outside of the US have several options based on country or continent. For those preferring privacy, he or she can ensure they have this preference met. Celebrities for example, can ensure overseas stay can provide them with anonymity. Someone preferring a luxury facility in the middle of a tropical setting can opt for treatment overseas.

Additionally, someone preferring a luxury rehab but wants to save money compared to local rehabs has the option of achieving both goals. For example, attending treatment in Thailand can be ideal for patients who want lush scenery and unique detox methods. Thailand is the hub for medical care in Asian countries, and has facilities that offer unconventional, challenging, yet effective detox practices. One in particular allows patients to drink a brown herbal concoction that causes them to vomit toxins. Despite its challenging reputation, the detox has proven successful. Furthermore, local and cultural traditions can be part of the rehabilitation process.

Patients can become aware of Buddhist or spiritual practices in Thai rehabs they can take with them post-rehab. Patients can choose to get treatment in places in the Caribbean countries that offer luxury and affordable housing in beautifully healing environments. Lastly, popular European cities like Ibiza offer luxury facilities with unique décor and unforgettable amenities. All options offer travel accommodations like transportation that make everything easier for patients.

Destination Rehab And Faith-Based Treatment

Faith-based treatment allows people to seek treatment with their faith or spirituality in mind. For Christians, for example, there is an emphasis of Biblical scriptures and including Jesus in the 12 steps as it relates to concepts of recovery. The 12-step program is a spiritual program that is used in many different faiths.

With faith-based rehab and treatment, spiritual advisors are present to offer healing and support based on traditional spiritual themes, like prayer, meditation and guidance. Traveling to countries that practice specific spiritual practices like Buddhism, for example, can provide the best care with affordable costs and authentic spiritual experiences. Patients can explore unique perspectives and methods to spirituality in faraway places for the most enriching experience.

Destination Rehab: Concerns And Challenges

Fortunately, patients wanting to travel can find English-speaking medical staff and treatment providers that speak their language. In addition, rehab facilities in other countries can be just as modern and cutting-edge as facilities in the United States. Being alone overseas, specifically if its one’s first time, can be challenging. Furthermore, it may be difficult to stay in touch with family as much as one prefers. Fear of trying new treatments or being around people of different cultures can be adventurous or cause feelings of insecurity and fear. Luckily, facilities can have a variety of people present that can make them feel comfortable, from staff to other English-speaking expatriate patients that speak their language.

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