Why Look For Treatment Outside The UK?

A lot of the time, people fail at recovery due to their old life pulling them back in. Being in your city and knowing where you can get a fix is too much temptation for many to deal with. That is why many will travel out of their area for treatment. Even that, however, isn’t enough for some. In that case, a drastic change in environment could be all that is missing from recovery. In this situation, traveling to treatment outside the UK is advisable.

Many in the US will travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to seek rehabilitation. They need to change what’s around them if they really want to change what’s going on inside them. It all comes down to their surroundings.

The Effect Of Surroundings On Recovery

When trying to recover, your mood going into it can have a huge effect on how well you take to recovery. Many studies have shown that weather can directly affect your mood. Not only is living in a place that is regularly damp and cold going to make it harder, just being stuck in the same environment can make it seem like nothing is changing. Changing your climate might be what you need to begin to feel more positive and give yourself a leap toward rehabilitation.

Benefits of changing your surroundings by traveling outside of the UK for treatment include:

  • A healthy distance away from triggers and stressors
  • A change in routine and fresh mindset
  • Some breathing room away from all other responsibilities so that you can truly focus on yourself
  • An added layer of privacy and confidentiality
  • A reduction of impulsive behavior

Traveling aboard for treatment may also provide access to programs with different approaches to treatment. Although the UK is home to countless drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, there are hundreds of thousands of other excellent centers across the world. Expanding your search for a suitable rehabilitation center outside of your immediate area in the UK can allow you access to more options for care.

Where To Look For Treatment Outside The UK?

You’ll want to find somewhere that you’ll be able to easily integrate into without much stress or confusion, especially if you are there for rehabilitation. When looking for rehabs, you’ll want to keep some things in mind, such as:

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Expense
  • Ease of travel
  • Climate
  • Available programs

Keeping these things in mind can mean the difference between an informed decision and a shot in the dark. The answer, however, might be further than you think. The UK is a limited area, and you might need a greater change in your surroundings if you want to get clean.

One of the most obvious destinations would be the US. Given the predominance of the English language, vast landmass, and large number of treatment facilities, UK residents have many options in the US for rehabilitation. No matter what climate you prefer, you can find a clinic somewhere in the US for rehabilitation. In the middle of acres of hills, near forests, off beaches, or anywhere else. You have your pick of clinics with a wide variety of programs and therapies. Some centers will even help you arrange transportation.

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Going To The US For Rehabilitation

Traveling to the US for treatment may seem difficult, but it is actually easier than one might suspect. Traveling regularly with a passport puts you at a limit of 90 days in the country and permits you to enter into medical treatment, including rehabilitation clinics. This may work for some who are looking at 30 or 60-day programs. If someone wants a 90-day program, or even longer intensive treatment, then applying for a B-2 visa is highly recommended. B-2 visas are tourism visas, but they also apply to those who are traveling for medical treatment. On a B-2 visa, your stay can be up to 6 months, giving plenty of time for any program length. According to the US Department of State, visitors must demonstrate that the purpose of their trip is temporary, they plan to stay for a specific and limited amount of time, they have funds to cover expenses, and they have a residence outside of the US. The US Department of State explains that “The consular officer at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will determine whether you qualify for the visa.”

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If you or someone you love has relapsed since past treatment, perhaps the answer lies in traveling somewhere new. It is natural to have some questions. Traveling so far to stay for a prolonged amount of time may seem like a scary transition. Luckily, there are treatment providers who can help to answer all your questions. Contact a treatment provider to find out more.