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Article Category: International

Couple Mistakenly Receives Nearly 25,000 Ecstasy Pills In The Mail

Jena Hilliard ❘

A couple in Austria received quite a surprise when they woke up to package in the mail containing 24,800 ecstasy pills that were worth roughly $548,127.

French Trial Begins For A Weight-Loss Pill That Killed 500 To 2,000 People

Nathan Yerby ❘

Laboratoires Servier, a major player in French Big Pharma, is on trial for marketing Mediator, a weight-loss pill which may have killed 2,000 people.

Lost Disneyland Paris Visitor Found Naked And Confused After Taking LSD

Jena Hilliard ❘

A tourist went missing in Disneyland Paris after taking the hallucinogenic drug LSD while at the park with his girlfriend.

Young Australian Drinkers Are Notably Selfie-Conscious

Krystina Murray ❘

New research suggests that young Australian drinkers are more 'selfie-conscious,' and are less likely to binge drink or use illict drugs as a result.

Guatemala Admits To Being A Cocaine Producer After Military Discovers Coca Plantations

Nathan Yerby ❘

The Guatemalan government has admitted cartels are growing cocaine in Guatemala, instead of just transporting it through the country from South America.

The United States And China Restrict E-Cigarette Sales

Nathan Yerby ❘

The United States will ban flavored e-cigarette sales nationwide, and China has blocked Juul from selling its products online to Chinese consumers.

The Role Of American Pharmaceutical Companies In The Emerging Indian Opioid Crisis

Jena Hilliard ❘

Facing multiple lawsuits and a government crack-down back home in the U.S., American pharmaceutical companies target the burgeoning opioid market in India.

Ethiopian Rehab Facility Begins Offering Treatment For Khat Addiction

Nathan Yerby ❘

Khat is a popular drug in Ethiopia, so the country's only publicly-operated rehab center has started to treat its patients for khat addiction.

U.S. And Canadian Authorities Unravel International Narcotics Conspiracy, DOJ Indicts 30 Suspects

Nathan Yerby ❘

The Justice Department has indicted thirty members of a scheme to distribute meth, cocaine, heroin, and Ecstasy in the U.S. and Canada.

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