Information For Loved Ones

If you love someone with a substance abuse problem, you know how hard it is for them, for you, and for everyone else in their close circle. You want to get them help, and so does everyone else who loves them.

Luckily, there are thousands of treatment facilities dedicated to providing the care that your loved one needs. You aren’t alone. Help is out there.

Understanding Your Loved One’s Addiction

Unless you have experienced it, it is very difficult to understand what someone suffering from addiction is going through. Often, this makes the experience of being close to an addict even more painful.

Many loved ones find that, once they gain a better understanding of addiction and treatment, they can heal easier and faster.

Perhaps more importantly, loved ones who are armed with knowledge are better able to relate and have serious, frank, and impactful discussions. You will be better equipped to make your loved one understand that they need treatment and how they are impacting those around them if you’re well-educated on the subject.

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Staging An Intervention

Many times, your loved one will not see the need for treatment or will just not want to go. It often takes others showing them how their addiction has impacted the people they care about for them to get a wake up call.

For many, the path to recovery begins with an intervention.

Staging an intervention for your loved one, preferably with the help of a professional interventionist, starts the conversation with someone suffering from substance abuse. Your loved one needs to know how the most important people in their life feel about them and their addiction.

An Overview Of Drug And Alcohol Treatment

You and your loved one are probably wondering what the treatment process will be like, but there’s no need to be concerned. Millions of others have successfully been through addiction rehabilitation.

There are many different treatment options available, and they all have unique characteristics.

One of the best resources available to you is a professional interventionist.

Professional interventionists have dedicated their lives to helping friends and family convince loved ones that they need help. They are knowledgeable on what that help entails and what your loved one can expect.

The Cost Of Drug And Alcohol Rehab

One of the biggest concerns that most families have when considering addiction treatment options is cost. Luckily, there are a wide variety of options available, with drastically differing costs, and there are many sources of financial assistance.

Some of the options available include insurance, government programs, private funding and financing, and non-profit treatment centers. Always keep in mind that the cost of an addiction typically far outweighs the cost of treatment, especially in the long term.


Like all addictions, alcoholism doesn’t only impact the person who is addicted. Friends and family members of alcoholics also suffer greatly and very often need support.

Al-Anon is an organization dedicated to supporting the friends and family members of problem drinkers.

Al-Anon considers alcoholism a family illness due to the impact that the disease has on an addict’s family. Much like AA, Al-Anon is based on a 12-step process; many members choose to have a sponsor that helps them work the steps.

What’s Next?

While the unique circumstances of your loved one’s situation will determine exactly what comes next, a good way to start is by looking at potential treatment center options.

Contact a treatment provider to get help finding an appropriate rehab facility for your loved one.