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Within Palm Beach County, where West Palm Beach sits on the coast, there have been a growing number of deaths from opioids. Despite the actions put in place by the state government to deter the use and sale of illicit drugs, it is still a major problem that can only be addressed through education and rehabilitation.

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    Addiction in West Palm Beach, Florida

    The state of Florida has a complicated history with drug addiction. While the state has seen its fair share of tragedy from the current opioid epidemic, it also become home to a great number of addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers. West Palm Beach is no exception.

    Opioids in West Palm Beach

    In 2014, 1,225 people in Palm Beach County sought treatment for a prescription opioid addiction. This made it the second most reported addiction for people seeking recovery treatment, only after alcohol. However, despite attempts made by the government to fight the opioid epidemic, deaths caused by opioids have grown year over year. The Palm Beach County M.E. determined that 143 people had died from opioid use in 2012. That number grew to 569 deaths 4 years later, in 2016. That makes up nearly 76% of the total number of deaths caused by drugs and doesn’t include the additional 363 deaths where opioids were present, but not the cause.

    While prescription opioid abuse is a problem in West Palm Beach, and across the country, the rise of opioid analogues is West Palm is one of the most concerning. Particularly the use of carfentanil, an opioid so potent that it takes as little as a third of a milligram to overdose.

    Carfentanil Use Growing in West Palm Beach

    Carfentanil is a lethal opioid that has been used more and more in recent years. Intended as a tranquilizer for elephants, carfentanil is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. There is no safe way to use it. Despite this, it has been involved in 85 deaths in Palm Beach County. Carfentanil-involved deaths even eclipsed the 83 deaths that involved Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 80 times stronger than heroin.

    While this could be due to people using it recreationally, it is more likely that dealers are using carfentanil to cut with other drugs. Despite the new laws that charge the premeditated dealing of fentanyl and carfentanil as First-Degree Murder, dealers are still using it as cheap filler to cut their costs. This can be seen as a majority of the reported deaths also contained another substance or combination of substances.

    The Contamination of Heroin in West Palm Beach

    Heroin was involved in 97 deaths in Palm Beach County. Of those, only 20 of them contained heroin alone. The other 77 cases involved heroin being found in the deceased’s blood, along with a second, third, or even fourth substance.



    In 2012, 143 people had died from the use of an opioid.



    By 2016, deaths from opioid had grown nearly 4 times to 569.



    In 2016, carfentanil was found to be involved in 85 deaths.

    Grey Death Has Come to West Palm Beach

    The drug Grey Death is as ominous as it sounds. It is a designer drug that mixes heroin, fentanyl, another designer drug called U-47700, and other fentanyl analogues. The drug looks similar to concrete mix and gets its name from the lethal blend of opioids it contains. Grey Death is no doubt part of the cause of the spike in carfentanil- and fentanyl-related deaths.

    Finding Help in West Palm Beach

    Finding help with recovery in West Palm Beach is more important now than ever before. With the sheer amount of cross-contamination of substances with lethal substances, any dose could be someone’s last. If you or someone you love suffer from addiction and are worried that it has become a life or death situation, do not wait. Reach out to a dedicated treatment provider today. They are here to help you recover, before it is too late.

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      Government Programs

      Find local government programs that promote sober living and will help you find peace in your day to day life.

      Palm Coast NAPost Office Box 20984
      West Palm Beach, FL 33416
      Mid-Coast Convention of Narcotics AnonymousP.O. Box 8213
      Delray Beach, FL 33484

      College Programs

      PBA Counseling Center

      Palm Beach Atlantic University

      Our counselors at the PBA counselors center support the PBA students that seek support and direction. They help with issues like depression, anxiety, stress, relationship and stress and their daily struggles. In addition to which they also help with eating disorders and substance abuse.

      901 S. Flagler Drive
      West Palm Beach, FL 33401

      Crisis Center service

      Southeastern College-Greenacres

      Referring to Crisis Center service and over 4,600 other community services anlong with providing free, confidential crisis counseling on regular basis

      1756 North Congress Ave West Palm Beach
      FL 33409

      Health Counseling Services

      Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations

      The students are accepted only if they meet the physical health conditions required for the job they are pursing. In case of health issues during the course, help is offered via the Executive Director and the health consultant. The student is given a checkup and the necessary treatment is advised. All this is done keeping in mind the best interests of the student. In addition to that, help can also be sought from the Advisory Physician, Advisory Committee Nurses and even the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Team, St. Mary’s Hospital, Palm Beach County Health Dept, County Health Clinic.

      5154 Okeechobee Blvd
      West Palm Beach, FL 33417

      Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs

      Everglades University

      For their students and employees through the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act the U.S. Department of Education requires institutions of higher education to implement a drug prevention and awareness program. We believe that Drug abuse affects all aspects of American life and also threatens the workplace, our homes, our schools and our community.

      5002 T-Rex Ave #100
      Boca Raton, FL 33431

      Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

      Lynn University

      Counseling center embraces of authorized psychotherapists and offers free counseling services for listed students combating personal, social, educational and emotional distress, in our campus. Further services consist of: Individual, couples, family and cluster counseling session’s alcohol and abuse bar and treatment activities and programs National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness WeekSafe Spring Break Carnival Mental health screenings Suicide prevention Stress relief throughout finals

      3601 N. Military Trail
      Boca Raton, FL 33431

      FAU Counseling And Psychological Services

      Florida Atlantic University

      The undertaking of the FAU Counseling And Psychological Services center is to produce FAU students with timely and valuable psychological wellbeing services that permit them to boost and maintain their mental well-being and thus to fulfill their individual, academic, emotional, and psychological objectives.

      777 Glades Road
      Boca Raton, FL 33431

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