Drug Rehabs in Marfa, TX

The small, artsy city of Marfa may not be known for drug abuse, but addiction affects all communities. There are many alcohol and drug rehabs in nearby Texas cities that can fit the needs of Marfa residents.

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Addiction Treatment in Marfa

Marfa CourthouseHome to approximately 2,000 residents, Marfa is a far cry from the sprawling and heavily populated cities throughout the rest of Texas, like Houston. As such, there aren’t any residential drug rehabs within Marfa’s city limits. Fortunately, there are many quality inpatient treatment centers a short drive from the city center.

Marfa may not be home to any inpatient drug rehabs, but there are support services within the city and quality rehabs a short drive out of it.

For those with mild addictions who may not need a residential rehab, there are addiction counselors and therapists that operate in Marfa. These specialists provide care and support in place of or after a residential stay. There are also many 12-step meetings located a short drive from Marfa.

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Why Travel for Addiction Treatment?

Leaving your current environment increases your chances of making a successful recovery. Because Marfa is a small city, it can be hard to avoid people and things associated with drug or alcohol use. The long-term benefits of sobriety make it well worth the effort and cost of getting help in a new place. If money is a concern when it comes to traveling for treatment, there are many ways to work out payments for treatment. Our treatment specialists can help you figure out a plan and find a rehab outside Marfa that’s right for you.

Cities Near Marfa with Inpatient Rehabs

The best residential drug and alcohol rehabs near Marfa are approximately a 3-6 hour drive away. Traveling can help the recovering addict put distance between themselves and their old life in addiction.

Some of the top rehab destinations for those living in Marfa are:

El Paso (3 hours, 191 miles)
El Paso Texas

El Paso provides the closest addiction treatment options for people living in Marfa. The city has a few rehabs that can work with your insurance, but the options are limited compared to places farther east in Texas.

Casa Vida de Salud.

The Addiction Research Institute at the University of Texas vetted this rehab for having a 70 percent success rate. The staff and volunteers here all have individual experiences with addiction.

Texas Christian Drug Rehab.

As the name says, this rehab offers Christian-centric treatment. This faith-based option also provides detox and accepts many forms of insurance.

Lubbock (4.5 hour drive, 309 miles)
Lubbock Texas

Lubbock is just south of the Texas panhandle and the 11th most populated city in the state. There are several highly rated rehabs in and around the metro area of Lubbock.

Aspire Addiction Recovery

This rehab has an intensive outpatient program, allowing those in recovery to live outside the treatment center. Aspire puts an emphasis on treating underlying behavioral conditions that led to drug use.

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Program

Watershed is a large organization that offers specific programs geared toward women, professionals and teens in addition to standard treatment options.

Abilene (5 hours, 342 miles)

Abilene windmill TexasAbout 150 miles west of Fort Worth lies the city of Abilene. As one of Texas’s smaller cities, Abilene has less distractions to recovery than busier metro areas.

Serenity Foundation of Texas

Serenity House’s success in treating addiction has led them to become one of the largest treatment providers in the Southwest. This rehab offers scholarships to some people based on their needs.

Abilene Behavioral Health

This rehab stresses the importance of treating the mind and body to heal addictive behaviors. Treating co-occurring disorders is one of this rehab’s specialities.

San Antonio (5.5 hours, 404 miles)San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is the second most populated city in the state and the farthest city away from Marfa in this list. This city is a great destination for luxury rehabs.

United Drug Rehab Group

This rehab provides luxury and executive treatment programs. This is a good rehab for those concerned with privacy and confidentiality.

Right Path Drug Rehab San Antonio

Right Path also offers elegant treatment services. Aside from the luxury it offers, this rehab also has treatment for dual diagnosis and an aftercare program.

State Addiction Services for Marfa Residents

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has programs to help state residents suffering from addiction. The DSHS-funded addiction treatment services are perfect for those who are struggling to afford treatment. Services are provided based on the county the person is a resident of — Marfa residents would fall under Presidio county.

DSHS addiction treatment centers for those residing in Presidio county include:

  • Aliviane, Inc. – El Paso
  • Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo – El Paso
  • Homeward Bound, Inc. – Dallas

These state-funded rehabs focus on prevention and treatment of addictions. Each has a men’s and women’s residential rehab as well as outpatient treatment services. Each rehab is equipped with a medical detox program and provides access to maintenance medications like methadone.

Get Help Finding a Drug Rehab

Finding treatment for an addiction might seem overwhelming when there aren’t many obvious options in your city. Luckily, there are people who can help you find a rehab that fits your treatment needs and budget. Get in touch with one of our treatment specialists now to discuss your options.

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